K,Pat Vending, famously known for providing high-quality Vietnamese Pho, Japanese Sushi, and flavored tea is also a provider of healthy, wholesome and delicious foods.
We strive to provide our customers with the best choices of food quality while keeping pace with very a friendly, and un-compromising professional image. We believe that our customers will feel the most comfortable in making their food choices with us, and confident that our foods will make for an overall superior dining experience.
Our vending machines are guaranteed to be efficient operations, as each is super-cooled, and will keep our sushi very fresh under refrigeration up to the time you purchase it, and you can be assured that it will fresh, healthy, and delicious.
Our food products are approved by the Health Department authorities, and we have gone above and beyond their expectations by implementing a HACCP Plan, a scientific reasoning as to why and how our foods are always fresh.


The whole team at K,Pat Vending is personally committed to bringing a tremendous value to our guests by providing them with superior, and safe food products each and every time that they choose to buy from us.  We know that our guests have choices, and we want our business relationships with them to be long-lasting, and pleasant.    
To achieve this goal, we aim to be constantly on the lookout for our own self-improvement and accountability for the awareness of our own actions, behaviors, skills, competencies, and attitude towards all others.

We fully understand that to remain one of the most loved providers of chef-inspired, restaurant-quality sushi-grade fish, supremely fresh Pho, and fine flavored tea, all from within our state-of-the-art vending machines, that we must personally strive to constantly deliver world-class service and non-compromising food safety.

Core products


Vending Machine with Restaurant-Quality Sushi

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Vietnamese Pho

Vietnamese beef or chicken broth with noodles

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Flavored Teas

Strawberry, Honeydew, Passion Fruit,

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Bottled Water

Cold, refreshing water


Always Sanitary & Clean

We train the Health Inspectors throughout the Great State of Texas, so we KNOW about Food Safety, and how to keep foods safe. Our foods are ALWAYS at the correct and safe temperatures. We prevent any contaminations from happening. Cleanliness is of the utmost importance to us, as it should be to you, our customer! To this end, we ensure that our vending machines are always sanitary and clean, each and every single day of the week- NO EXCEPTIONS!

Fresh Sushi every day

The sushi that we stock our vending machines with is restaurant-quality sushi, and you do not have to actually going out to a restaurant to get it. We offer you a great selection of choices.

Fresh Pho

We offer fine, restaurant-quality Vietnamese Pho. The chef-inspired Pho is made from either Beef cuts or prime Chicken product. This very flavorful Pho is a delicacy that you will enjoy. It contains fresh rice noodles and perfectly seasoned broth ingredients so you get a superior taste experience.

Flavored Tea & Water

All of our Chef-inspired teas are flavorful and delicious. We offer the following flavored teas: strawberry, passion fruit, honeydew, and so many more. Our bottled water is refreshing, cold, and free of excessive unwanted minerals.

Healthy Foods- Not Processed Foods, High in Fat, or Full of Preservatives

Our Sushi and Pho products are freshly made. We guarantee a healthy, fresh, safe food for your enjoyment. We fully understand that other vending companies stock their vending machines with unhealthy choices, like chips, sodas, candy, and chewing gums because they are cheap products. These products have little or no health qualities.

You Have Payment Options to Choose From

Because we are fully aware that you don't always carry a pocket-full of change, we offer you a variety of payment choices. They range from utilizing credit cards, or using phone apps, cash, rewards programs, promotional choices, Apple or Google pay, and we are always adding more options! Our vending equipment accepts WIC, too.


What space & utilities would your vending machine require for complete operation?

Each vending machine requires approximately the same amount of space that is needed for a large refrigerator inside your home.  This is approximately 3 feet wide, and about 5 feet tall.  The depth is about 4 feet deep.  
Electricity is needed for the energy source, as refrigeration, lighting, and use of the microwave would be required.  

What food products will you provide, and will they change from time to time?

At K,Pat Vending we supply our vending machines with the exact restaurant-quality sushi-grade fish that is rigorously inspected by our Chef at K,Pat Vending.  It is chef-made daily, and is inspected by our in-house Food Safety Specialist before it is transported to each vending machine's location by the transport team.  
The healthy, wholesome, fresh products offered will always be a variety of sushi and pho products and flavored tea, and/or bottled waters.
We will NOT change-out choices of sushi, pho, flavored teas, and bottled waters with any OTHER food products.  

Are your vending machine food products guaranteed to be healthy?

Yes.  All of our food products stocked inside our vending machines will always be only the best, high-quality, healthy sushi and pho available.  
Our products do not contain excessive trans fats, high sodium or sugar, or contain excessively large amounts of cholesterol.
We use only Health Inspector-approved, fresh, restaurant-quality sushi grade fish and USDA approved chicken and beef for our Pho products.   

What if I want to have one of your vending machines available for my business?

We will be glad to accommodate your business with your specific needs and to discuss how we may build a great business relationship with you and you staff, and your customers and clients.  We will have you complete an application.
Please call: 281-923-5583

File Manager

Application for vending Machine

To be considered as a recipient of one (or more) of our state-of-the-art vending machines for your business or company, please complete this application online. Be sure that you review it for accuracy before submitting it for our review. Once we have had time to receive it and read it we will gladly call on you for further discussion and installation.


HACCP Plan Details are extreme scientific data and analysis provided by the K,Pat Vending Food Safety Specialist to the Regulatory Authority to show how, why, and when we provide the absolute safest food to our customers. This indisputable evidence is rarely ever produced by food companies. At K,Pat Vending we remain committed to bringing only the finest food products to all of our customers.

Consumer Advisory

To make consumers aware of raw food products that may be served to them, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires a food operation to display a Consumer Advisory any time that raw food is offered for purchase without first cooking it. This law is written in the FDA Model Food Code. K,Pat Vending has its very own Food Safety Specialist k,Pat vending team ensure that all food products offered inside our vending machines undergoes vigorous inspections and quality tests before it goes into a vending machine.

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K,Pat Vending Machines contain only the finest sushi products.


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